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KStew Coachella Tunes: More Music For Your Kristen Stewart iPod Playlist

Better late than never, here is my compilation of KStew Coachella Tunes for Kristen Stewart fans and music lovers alike. Kristen was rumoured to be in attendance at the 2010 Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California this month and she did make an appearance on the Sunday. Kris was spotted at the Lacoste Pool Party on the last day of the Coachella Festival and photographed in her signature casual style looking happy and relaxed.

Fans started talking about Kristen being at Coachella which quickly evolved into the Twitter epicness of #festivalstew and #coachellastew. In light of Kristen’s recent appearance, I thought I’d share my own KStew Coachella Tunes Playlist that consists of a compilation of music from Days 1-3. These tunes are great for any KStew fan’s Kristen Stewart iPod Playlist. These are not official playlists and are simply based on what I think are good tunes and music Kristen fans might enjoy.

CoachellaStew Tunes For KStew Fans & Music Lovers Alike

  1. Ra Ra Riot – Can You Tell
  2. Spoon – The Way We Get By
  3. The Specials – Concrete Jungle
  4. Muse – Sing For Absolution
  5. La Roux – In For The Kill
  6. Camera Obscura – Let’s Get Out Of This Country
  7. Band of Skulls – Death By Diamonds and Pearls
  8. MUTEMATH – Chaos
  9. Deadmau5 – Hi Friend!
  10. The Temper Trap – Fader
  11. Imogen Heap – I Am In Love With You
  12. Sia – Breathe Me
  13. She & Him – Me and You
  14. MGMT – Kids
  15. Passion Pit – Little Secrets
  16. Wolfgang Garter – Bounce (Original Mix)
  17. LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
  18. Vampire Weekend – Cousins
  19. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
  20. Band of Skulls – Honest
  21. Thom Yorke – Black Swan
  22. Alana Grace – Black Roses Red
  23. Imogen Heap – First Train Home
  24. Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin [Piano Acoustic Version]
  25. Little Boots – New In Town

These 25 tracks cover artists and bands from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of the Coachella Festival. There were some amazing bands and artists featured at the festival but I couldn’t include them all in my KStew Coachella Tunes Playlist. For a complete list of the 2010 Coachella Lineup, check out the Coachella website

Hope you enjoy the music, and check out 2 of my favourite tracks below: Imogen Heap – First Train Home & The Temper Trap – Fader.

[Photo via WireImage | Videos via chazenn & LiberationMusicAus]

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My Twilight Bookshelf: Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater & Shiver The Movie

I just finished reading a book called Shiver written by Maggie Stiefvater and couldn’t wait to share it with fellow Twilight fans! This is the second post for My Twilight Bookshelf which will be a series of posts containing book recs for Twilight fans looking for something new to read.

Shiver tells the story of Grace, a teenage girl struggling with her identity, family, and love. She lives in a wooded area of Minnesota and feels an unexplainable connection to the wolves that populate the surrounding forests and woodlands in her town. Grace connects with one wolf in particular and the story of Shiver unwinds from that point onwards. Grace meets Sam and the two quickly connect and form a bond that is unshakable. They embark on a difficult relationship due to his double existence as both a human boy and a wolf who belongs in the woods. The story of Shiver is told from altering perspectives as the narration swaps between Grace and Sam throughout the novel’s chapters. We see what it’s like for each of them to love the other.

Twilight fans will love Shiver because it is written with the same ease and conversational tone that Stephenie Meyer wrote with in The Twilight Saga. You don’t feel like the story is being told to you, you feel like you are right there with Grace in the snow-covered backyard of her family’s home – watching the wolves and wondering about her connection to them. The language is simply beautiful and resonates with the honesty of the story being told. I can’t think of another way to describe this book other than – beautiful.

Still looking for a reason to read Shiver? Grace, the female heroine of the book, is a lot like Bella. I always try to picture the characters when I’m reading (as most of us tend to do) and I kept coming back to a visual of Kristen Stewart as Bella. This isn’t to say that I think the characters are drastically similar, but there are similarities there. On a physical level, Grace is a petite blonde, but she also exudes this casual style – like she isn’t bothered with how she looks or dressing girly. As lead female characters, Grace and Bella both fight for what they believe in, especially for their loved ones. Bella and Grace both possess a striking bravery and fearlessness in the face of consequence. Many Twilight fans like or identify with the Bella character, and I think they can do the same with Grace in Shiver.

On a final note, the movie rights to Shiver have been bought, and the book will in fact be making its way to the big screen in 2011. Fan favourites for the role of Grace so far are Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, and none other than Kristen Stewart. Here is an excerpt from that talks about the Shiver movie:

Unique Features has acquired screen rights to “Shiver,” a bestselling supernatural romance novel by Maggie Stiefvater that is the first of a three-book series.
Pic will be produced by Unique Features partners Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne.

Book covers a bittersweet paranormal romance between a teen who becomes a wolf each winter and his girlfriend, who helps him find the secret to staying human. The first installment was published by Scholastic Press in August and has been on the bestseller lists for six weeks. The sequel novel, “Linger,” will be published next August. Unique acquired all three books in the series.

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Final Eclipse Trailer: 5 Great Things About The New Eclipse Trailer

Everyone is buzzing about the final Eclipse Trailer for the upcoming Eclipse movie release on June 30th and I can definitely see why. The new Eclipse Trailer is so much better than the short Eclipse teaser trailer that was released a while back. The final trailer showcases the elements of action, the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle, and the newborn vampire story that are all prevalent in the third Twilight Saga novel. It shows just enough to get non-fans interested, and more than enough to get Twilight fans counting down to the movie release of Eclipse.

Many people including myself were initially disappointed with the Eclipse teaser that has recently been making the rounds in movie theatres as part of the previews. This is the one where there’s a whole lot of disjointed dialogue going on between Edward and Bella, Bella and Jacob, and random scenes of Victoria flying through the trees. The dialogue is stunted, there’s a lot of those terribly awkward pauses we’ve come to dread, and to me it just didn’t seem to depict what the story of Eclipse is really about. The Eclipse teaser focused more on dialogue with jagged transitions, and less on actually previewing the movie and the storyline. The release of this new Eclipse Trailer has definitely gotten things back on track – according to everyone’s discussions that I’ve witnessed, we’re all loving it! Without further introduction…

5 Great Things About The New Eclipse Trailer:

  1. It actually gives the Eclipse movie some backbone by setting up the storyline of where the characters are at post New Moon. Edward has proposed to Bella (Bella’s engagement ring makes an appearance), Jacob is anxious about Bella’s safety in terms of the vampires, and we are given enough info to glean that there’s an army of newborn vampires who will be causing havoc in this movie. The trailer instantly grabs your attention and tells you what is happening in Eclipse. Basically, the plot is set up for anyone who hasn’t read the books, and it is visually actualized for the Twilight fans who have waited so long for this to come together.
  2. The newborn vampires, specifically Riley, get a proper introduction in this final Eclipse Trailer. We’re taken out of Forks to new settings with glimpses of the attacks in Seattle and then back again to Forks. I loved the clip of the bad vamps  slowly ascending out of the water looking menacing (and in my opinion, creepy as all hell).
  3. We see the wolves and vampires clash right before our eyes in the final seconds of the Eclipse Trailer. The fight scenes look incredible and are pivotal in the Eclipse storyline as Jacob and the wolves team up with the Cullens and the good vampires to face off with the vicious newborn vamps. Overall I really think they did a good job of showing clips that would make the viewer instantly want to go see the movie, Twilight fan or not.
  4. Everyone’s hair and makeup is looking good, despite fans concerns with stills and set photos that circulated. They’ve changed up characters’ hair such as Edward, Jasper and Carlisle but I think it works. The characters are evolving with the storyline so why shouldn’t their appearances alter a bit with those changes? Also, I was relieved to find that Bella’s wig did not seem to look hideous at all in this Eclipse Trailer. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that it looks fine.
  5. We get glimpses of some of the best scenes from the Eclipse book – essentially, everything that happens up on the snowy mountain ranges towards the end of the story. Seeing Victoria in a flurry of snow and the arrival of the Volturi just solidified how amazing it’s going to be to see the story we love come to life. Eclipse is a lot of peoples’ favourite book in the Twilight Saga and it is also mine. The Eclipse Trailer mirrors the detail-rich writing from the book. I feel like it accomplished this without looking, sounding, or coming off as corny in any way.

Verdict of the final Eclipse Trailer? Total success. Check out the new Eclipse Trailer (Eclipse Trailer 2) in HD below:

[Eclipse Still via TwilightersAnonymous | Video via clevverTV]

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Kristen Stewart In East Of Eden? 5 Reasons Why She Should Be

Kristen Stewart In East Of Eden?

The 2011 movie re-make of East of Eden has stirred up a lot of talk amongst Twilight fans about Kristen Stewart. The book, originally written by John Steinbeck, was made into a mini TV series in 1981 and 2008, and was made into a movie in 1955 starring James Dean. Now Universal Pictures will be releasing a newer movie edition of the East of Eden story. So why are Twilight fans talking about it? East of Eden is one of Kristen Stewart’s favourite books, and she has said in the past she would love to play the part of Cathy/Kate in the upcoming movie.

A Bit About East Of Eden:

I read Steinbeck’s East of Eden in the fall last year and it was an incredible read. The book is dauntingly long and covers a lot of ground in terms of spanning generations and families – but it is well worth the time and effort. To try to summarize the plot of East of Eden would be kind of ridiculous, but it’s about people’s struggles with good and evil in their lives, and the long-lasting repercussions that their decisions have. It is a book for thinkers and those who like to delve a little bit further into the human psyche. Set primarily in the Salinas Valley in California, East of Eden essentially tells the intertwining story of two families and the generations that follow.

Kristen To Play Cathy/Kate?:

The character of Cathy/Kate in East of Eden represents the power of evil, or in some people’s opinion – the evil that is Satan. She is a manipulative and controlling character who will do whatever is in her own greatest interest. The character of Cathy/Kate is the most interesting in the book because her actions and decisions are self-serving but they seem to have immense repercussions for everyone else around her. She is a hard character to understand, even harder to sympathize with, and hardest to predict. Basically, this is a dynamic character that any actor would love to play the part of. So without further ado, here are

5 Reasons Why KStew Should Be Cast In East of Eden:

1. Kristen knows and loves the book. She has clearly thought a lot about the character and wants to bring it life. She can bring an understanding to the role having already taken a liking to it. It is rare to find an actor who has not only read the source material beforehand, but also has a genuine interest and stake in the subject matter. Kristen would put her all into this role.

2. Her history of film roles suggests that she likes this kind of character – something different and a bit off the beaten track. She likes these parts and we all know she is good at playing them. Think about Adventureland, The Cake Eaters, or Speak – Kristen plays a character struggling with something in each of those films. She knows how to convey understated emotion and make these kinds of roles believable.

3. If you have read the book, you can picture Kristen as Cathy/Kate. Steinbeck describes her in various ways but primarily as: animalistic, monster-like, but having a look of gentle beauty. I think Kristen has the serene demeanor and classic features that would make her look believable as Cathy/Kate. The character commits acts of evil, but contrastingly looks innocent.

4. I think that Kristen really proved herself more recently in The Runaways to anyone who had their doubts about her ability to become another character. In my opinion, her roles in Adventureland, The Cake Eaters, and The Runaways showed off her acting ability to a greater extent. Her portrayal of Joan Jett in The Runaways movie has shown us all that she is ready to take things to the next level.

5. Kristen is well-known for deeply caring about her craft and perfecting the roles she plays. She cares so much about her profession and doing it right, that no one else would be better suited to a role that demands so much from the actor. I think this would be her greatest performance yet.

So there’s my two cents about the East of Eden movie and why I think our girl Kristen should be in it. Feel free to give some feedback or thoughts on the subject. In the meantime, fingers crossed for KStew to be cast as Cathy/Kate!

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Kristen Stewart iPod Music: More Music For KStew Fans

So after last month’s USA Today interview with Kristen Stewart, I compiled some more music for KStew fans. Nope, there’s still no celebrity iTunes playlist for Kristen yet, but she did share some of her music interests in the recent interview around the time of the SXSW festival. Kristen was promoting the premiere of The Runaways with Dakota Fanning at this year’s SXSW. Here’s an excerpt from the interview in which Kristen shares some of the music she is listening to:

I listen to The Shins and Radiohead and Interpol. And we saw Band of Horses last night, and that was awesome, because they’re, like, my favorite band right now. I love Camera Obscura and Jenny Lewis. I’m just pumping ’em out — I never do this! I’m always like, “Oh, I don’t answer that question.”

Kristen and Dakota also attended a Broken Social Scene and Band of Horses concert during the SXSW festival during which Metric‘s lead singer also took to the stage. So with the artists she named in mind, check out this KStew playlist ideal for any fan of indie or rock music:

More Music For KStew Fans:

  • The Shins – Phantom Limb
  • Interpol – Hands Away
  • Metric – Satellite Mind
  • Band of Horses – The Great Salt Lake
  • Camera Obscura – Let’s Get Out Of This Country
  • Interpol – Slow Hands
  • Jenny Lewis – Pretty Bird
  • Metric – Gimme Sympathy
  • The Shins – A Comet Appears
  • Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
  • Jenny Lewis – Godspeed
  • Metric – Gold Guns Girls
  • Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
  • Band of Horses – Weed Party

Broken Social Scene and Radiohead have so many songs out, and so many good choices that I thought I’d leave them out of the playlist and focus on some of the others. (Sidenote: Radiohead – 15 Step was featured on the Twilight Soundtrack during the credits and is an amazing song.) Hope you enjoy these tunes from artists that Kristen herself is a fan of. Check out other music for Kristen Stewart fans below:

Kristen on sharing her music choices:

“It’s so defining. Which is why people want to know, because it does say a lot about you.”

[Photo via JustJared | Quotes via USAToday]

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