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Where To Buy The Runaways On DVD In Canada

So as we all know The Runaways is coming out on dvd tomorrow, and I am just doing a quick bit of research to find out where the best place to buy it might be. I live in Vancouver, BC so this post will be geared towards Canadian Runaways fans out there.

Here’s where you can pick up The Runaways dvd tomorrow starring the amazing Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning:

  • HMV – $18.99 – Item #210337DV *Update* Online price says $18.99 but I just bought it in-store for $16.99 in Vancouver.
  • Best Buy – $18.99 – Item #M2180669 – Price ends 07/22/10
  • Future Shop – $19.99 – Item #M2180669 – Price ends 07/22/10
  • Superstore – $21.00 + – I went into Superstore to check when shopping last week and with tax it was around $22.00. Not cheap there!

They’re all around the same price but I know lots of people like to compare prices, so there you go! All formats seem to be Widescreen from what I could tell and all will have the same features no matter what store you buy from.

However, those prices are only valid for a short time according to the Future Shop and Best Buy sites so purchase The Runaways dvd sooner rather than later.

Happy shopping tomorrow Runaways fans 🙂


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  1. Ah, I was just about to start searching for the best price, thanks for doing the work for me! 🙂
    BTW – This is hands down one of my favourite movies of all time.

    Comment by Sylvie | July 26, 2010 | Reply

    • no problem, sylvie! glad i could help on your runaways research

      Comment by twilightconnection | July 29, 2010 | Reply

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