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The Runaways DVD Special Features

The Runaways is just one of those movies you can watch over and over and over again. Having already seen it in the theatre twice, I was still out at HMV buying my copy of The Runaways dvd on Tuesday. Even if you’ve watched the film a few times already, there are some amazing moments in The Runaways worth revisiting.

Runaways Moments Worth Revisiting:

When watching my Runaways dvd for the first time, so many cool things came back to me that I’d forgotten about from the movie theatre. There’s a lot of little moments in the movie that really make it as good as it is – be it transitions, a telling close up shot, or a brief moment of dialogue. I love that transition from Cherie (Dakota Fanning) making a wish in front of her birthday cake before pinching out the lone candle, to Rodney Bingenheimer‘s dark and sultry club with Gary Glitter’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me” blaring in the background.

There’s the telling shot of Joan (Kristen Stewart) walking out of the guitar lesson with MC5’s “It’s A Man’s World” trailing her footsteps. Then there are moments on the road as The Runaways are touring where we see Cherie’s face through a rain-spattered car window passing in the night. Her face is impassive and flickering street lights illuminate her unchanging expression.We see shots of Joan throughout the film trying to keep a strong exterior for her band mates as they struggle with Kim Fowley, the dark side of life on the road, and the pressures of being overnight stars within the music industry.

I love all of Joan’s scenes: the water gun, the headliner’s dressing room, “I Love Playing With Fire,” “Old Smoky,” the recording studio blow up, The Runaways song writing process and later on, her initial formative stages in creating Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The story really comes together with all of the smaller details put together. The Runaways is definitely a film that pays attention to the little things to get the realism of the film just right. I found that while watching the dvd, the fantastic portrayals of Joan and Cherie by Kristen and Dakota came to life even more with every little nuance they perfected for their respective roles.

Runaways DVD Special Features:

There’s some great behind the scenes footage, particularly of a live set for the Japan concert in which a corset-clad Cherie performs “Cherry Bomb” for the screaming masses.

There’s also a segment on the making of The Runaways with interview clips with Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Cherie Currie, Floria Sigismondi, and various other people involved in the film’s production. Cherie Currie and Joan Jett were on hand to help their movie star selves get into character and aided them in preparing for live performances of The Runaways songs.

Some Runaways Dvd Fun Facts:

  • Kristen learned all of the songs she would be performing in the film even if the studio version of a song was going to be used for a certain scene. She wanted to look, feel, and play the part of Joan in every sense.
  • Dakota likened her closeness with Kristen to the relationship between Joan and Cherie. She noted that her and Kristen had grown close through The Runaways experience just as Joan and Cherie had with the formation of the original band. In an interview clip on The Runaways dvd she says Kristen is her best friend.
  • Dakota Fanning’s favourite Runaways song is “Cherry Bomb” as she got to experience first hand what it’s like to perform the song many times within the movie.
  • Kristen Stewart’s favourite Runaways song is “Love Is Pain.” Kristen sings some lines from this song in the latter half of the movie while smoking a cigarette in a bathtub of murky water.
  • Joan Jett was on set every day to coach Kristen in becoming her character. Kristen says that Joan is the coolest person she’s ever met.
  • Various filmmakers from The Runaways attest to Kristen’s dedication to the project and her serious approach towards paying tribute to Joan and her music rather than simply playing the character.

There’s also a Runaways audio commentary with Joan Jett, Kristen Stewart, and Dakota Fanning that I haven’t checked out yet but I’m sure will be well worth it. Just thought I would share some cool things on the dvd if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.


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  1. The movie was great and the features are great too.

    Comment by Z. McCarthy | July 27, 2010 | Reply

    • they definitely are.. i would have loved to seen a blooper reel though. the only thing it’s missing!

      Comment by twilightconnection | July 29, 2010 | Reply

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