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On The Road – A Preview Of Kristen Stewart’s Next Movie

I finally finished Jack Kerouac‘s On The Road after an intense two weeks of nightly reading – and I’m really sad it’s over! This is such an amazing book and now having read it through, I can’t wait to see how they adapt it to film for Kristen Stewart‘s next movie!

On The Road has been given a lot of critical acclaim over the years as one of the formative books in defining the “beat” generation of the 50’s, but I think it also says a lot about the real nature of living itself, or what it means to truly be alive. It’s a book that pulls you along on a chaotic ride with Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise as they navigate the open road of the United States in search of “it” – that feeling you get when you’re really living your life.

On The Road has the potential to be an amazing movie because the story is so rich and delves into so many subplots and side stories. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on who these characters are and what they’re doing with their lives – they surprise you. In the most general of descriptions, On The Road follows a group of close friends, particularly Dean and Sal, as they take road trips cross-country.

The adventures of Dean and Sal are chaotic, unpredictable, and engaging. These characters may be from the 50’s, but they’re young and carefree which is something all of us can identify with at some point in our lives. They hit jazz clubs, they meet girls, they fall in love, they move on, they meet strangers, they find work, they change cities – and do it all over again just because they can.

On The Road (2011) will be directed by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) and executive-produced by Francis Ford Coppola (Lost In Translation). Here are some of the characters from On The Road who you’ll be seeing in the 2011 movie and the respective actors who will be playing them:

Dean MoriartyGarrett Hedlund

Dean Moriarty is the instigator of all of the road trips and the one who often pushes his friend Sal to find adventure with him. The two have a complicated friendship but both remain connected in their drive to experience life to the utmost extent. Dean is flamboyant, all-energy, charismatic, the life of the party, and fearless. He is the love interest of Kristen Stewart‘s character – Marylou as well as husband to Kirsten Dunst‘s character – Camille.

Garrett Hedlund, 25, has been in movies such as Troy, Friday Night Lights, Eragon, and Georgia Rule. He recently wrapped filming on TRON: Legacy which was filmed locally here in Vancouver, BC.

Sal Paradise – Sam Riley

Sal Paradise is the character we follow predominantly throughout On The Road. It is his story about the journeys he makes and we initially start out on a road trip he is taking alone to meet his friends in Denver, Colorado. On The Road starts with Sal leaving behind his home in New York to go on the road. Sal is a good guy who seems pretty low-key, but chaos ensues every time he’s reunited with Dean Moriarty when they go on wild adventures together. Although Marylou (Kristen Stewart) is Dean’s love interest, Sal also experiences fleeting moments of longing for her and the two form a close connection in the story.

Sam Riley, 30, has had roles on both Law & Order: CI and Law & Order: SVU. He’s been in films such as Control, Franklyn, and 13.

Marylou – Kristen Stewart

Marylou is the love interest of Dean Moriarty in On The Road. She also forms a friendship with Sal Paradise and the two consider becoming an item at one point in the story. Marylou is driven by passion and ends up on the road with Dean and Sal in search of a similar kind of experience of life. Her character goes with the flow of things and we find her seemlessly intertwined with the lives of Dean and Sal. She is characterized as being extremely beautiful, sultry, provocative and carefree. A lot of things about Marylou are left up to the reader’s imagination so I can’t wait to see what Kristen brings to this role in terms of creative freedom.

Kristen Stewart, 20, is best known for her portrayal of Bella Swan in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. She has acted in many critically acclaimed movie such as Speak, The Cake Eaters, and Into The Wild. Kristen most recently starred in The Runaways alongside Dakota Fanning.

Camille – Kirsten Dunst

is one of Dean Moriarty‘s girlfriends in On The Road, and later on, his wife. She is a constant presence throughout the story, but her character remains separate from life on the road. Camille is steady and happy in one place while Dean cannot fight off the constant urge to be on the move and on the road. They have a turbulent relationship due to their different personalities.

Kirsten Dunst, 28, has been in films such as Bring It On, Spiderman, Mona Lisa Smile, Wimbledon, and Elizabethtown. She garnered teenage popularity with her portrayal of head cheerleader Torrence Shipman in the teen smash-hit Bring It On. She also became widely recognized from her role as Mary-Jane Watson in the Spiderman films.

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