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The Runaways Soundtrack & Original Runaways Music

After seeing The Runaways last night, I got totally hooked on the music from the movie. There are four songs from the original Runaways band that are covered in the movie, and a selection of other tunes including music from David Bowie, Sex Pistols, and Joan Jett herself. The Runaways Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is already digitally available from some outlets, and will be widely released this Tuesday March 23rd in stores!

Here’s the track listing for the The Runaways movie soundtrack, I’ve starred what I think the best tracks on the st are:

  1. Nick Gilder – Roxy Roller
  2. Suzi Quatro – The Wild One
  3. MC5 – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
  4. David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
  5. Dakota Fanning – Cherry Bomb *
  6. The Runaways – Hollywood
  7. Dakota Fanning – California Paradise
  8. The Runaways – You Drive Me Wild *
  9. Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart – Queens Of Noise *
  10. Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart – Dead End Justice *
  11. The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog
  12. The Runaways – I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are
  13. Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
  14. Joan Jett – Don’t Abuse Me *

“Dead End Justice” has to be the best song from the movie, and it made me want to hear more of The Runaways music. I’ve been checking out their various albums throughout the day, but the best place to get started might be with a “Best of” Runaways album:

  • Best Of The Runaways (1990) :
  • It’s got the original versions of “Cherry Bomb,” “Queens of Noise,” and “I Love Playin’ With Fire” which KStew performs in the movie. (Unfortunately, they don’t have it on The Runaways soundtrack which is too bad because she kills is!)
  • The Best Of The Runaways: 20th Century Masters (2005) :
  • This album has digitally remastered Runaways tracks including cool tunes such as “Secrets” and “Take It Or Leave It.” The songs sound amazing after being remastered and I think a lot of people will be checking out these kinds of albums to get acquainted with the original Runaways band.

Still looking for more? I’ll give you a taste of what I’ve come across and share some tracks from my own Runaways playlist. These songs have a similar sound to what you will have heard in The Runaways movie – Enjoy!

Amy’s Runaways Playlist:

  1. The Runaways – I Love Playin’ With Fire
  2. The Runaways – Secrets
  3. The Runaways – Blackmail
  4. The Runaways – You Drive Me Wild (Live)
  5. The Runaways – Heartbeat
  6. The Runaways – Born To Be Bad
  7. The Runaways – Rock And Roll
  8. The Runaways – Midnight Music
  9. The Runaways – Is It Day Or Night
  10. The Runaways – Cherry Bomb

Check out KStew and DFann absolutely rocking it below in their version of “Dead End Justice” – totally badass:

[Photo is Official Runaways still | Video via mrsfarroway]

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New Moon DVD Release: New Moon Shopping At Walmart

So after debating and stressing about the New Moon dvd release, I decided on the standard New Moon 2 Disc Special Edition from Walmart. I was busy last night downtown and couldn’t make it to a New Moon release party, so a shopping trip to Walmart this morning was in order.

It was hilarious last night though – I kept seeing people peeking into HMV and Chapters around 9:00pm trying to be discreet and failing so badly. Come on, we all know you couldn’t wait to get in there! Anyway, I headed to Walmart this morning and they had a fair amount of Twilight stuff set up. The cool thing about Walmart’s edition of New Moon is that you get a free New Moon movie poster inside the dvd.

Walmart’s New Moon dvd also comes with a 3d hologram cover featuring Edward, Bella, and Jacob. I’m not sure where else you can get this cover but it’s pretty cool!

The other popular destination for purchasing New Moon last night/today seems to be BestBuy where you can get the steel tin casing and the Edward doll. It was tempting, but I decided I have enough merchandise to open my own Twilight store/museum so I stuck with Walmart to avoid excess shopping. It was pretty bad I managed to find a 2/$10 dvd bin despite my efforts to avoid all other shopping and almost bought Zathura because of KStew – you know you have problems when…

If you’re shopping for New Moon in the Vancouver area, and you’re addicted to all of the crazy merch Summit keeps rolling out: Walmart is carrying a bunch of Twilight T-shirts, New Moon bedding, New Moon blankets, New Moon pillow cases. They are also selling the Twilight graphic novel based on Stephenie Meyer’s first Twilight installment.

Happy Shopping this weekend Twilighters! Check back tonight for my review of KStew and DFann in “The Runaways.”

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