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Twi Music Monday

Twilight Music Monday

So every Monday, if I can remember to, I’m going to put up a few songs that I think Twilight fans will like. My iPod is a huge mish mash of emo, pop, indie rock and electro, but I hope you’ll find something to listen to from my selections. These songs remind me of Twilight characters, the books, scenes from the movies, and sometimes just the actors based on what they seem to listen to.

We know Rob listens to the likes of Van Morrison and Tokio Hotel, and that Kristen loves stuff like Bon Iver and Band of Horses, but they’ve yet to release celebrity playlists on iTunes so for now you’re stuck with what I’ve got. I can’t promise that RPattz and KStew listen to any of this, but who knows 🙂

Here are some Twilight tunes for your Monday evening:

  • The Weepies – “Can’t Go Back Now”
  • Way Out West – “We Love Machine”
  • The Temper Trap – “Fader”
  • The Weepies – “World Spins Madly On”
  • South – “Paint The Silence”
  • Way Out West – “Melt”
  • Barcelona – “Come Back When You Can”
  • Pearl Jam – “The Fixer”
  • Youth Group – “Forever Young”
  • Tyler Hilton – “Missing You”

Ok so a lot of those turned out to be kind of sad/emo/depressing but they are good songs and when I listen to them I just feel like they fit well with Twilight. Anyways have a listen to them and decide for yourself, I’ll have more music for Twilight fans again next Monday and possibly a separate KStew playlist 🙂

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