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New Moon DVD Release: New Moon Shopping At Walmart

So after debating and stressing about the New Moon dvd release, I decided on the standard New Moon 2 Disc Special Edition from Walmart. I was busy last night downtown and couldn’t make it to a New Moon release party, so a shopping trip to Walmart this morning was in order.

It was hilarious last night though – I kept seeing people peeking into HMV and Chapters around 9:00pm trying to be discreet and failing so badly. Come on, we all know you couldn’t wait to get in there! Anyway, I headed to Walmart this morning and they had a fair amount of Twilight stuff set up. The cool thing about Walmart’s edition of New Moon is that you get a free New Moon movie poster inside the dvd.

Walmart’s New Moon dvd also comes with a 3d hologram cover featuring Edward, Bella, and Jacob. I’m not sure where else you can get this cover but it’s pretty cool!

The other popular destination for purchasing New Moon last night/today seems to be BestBuy where you can get the steel tin casing and the Edward doll. It was tempting, but I decided I have enough merchandise to open my own Twilight store/museum so I stuck with Walmart to avoid excess shopping. It was pretty bad I managed to find a 2/$10 dvd bin despite my efforts to avoid all other shopping and almost bought Zathura because of KStew – you know you have problems when…

If you’re shopping for New Moon in the Vancouver area, and you’re addicted to all of the crazy merch Summit keeps rolling out: Walmart is carrying a bunch of Twilight T-shirts, New Moon bedding, New Moon blankets, New Moon pillow cases. They are also selling the Twilight graphic novel based on Stephenie Meyer’s first Twilight installment.

Happy Shopping this weekend Twilighters! Check back tonight for my review of KStew and DFann in “The Runaways.”

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Where To Buy New Moon On DVD In Canada

New Moon is coming out on dvd this Saturday March 20th, and a lot of Twilight fans seem to be wondering where the best place to buy it will be. I live in Vancouver, BC so I’ll be posting the options that should be available here and anywhere else in Canada.

  • HMV – New Moon (2 Disc Special Edition) for $19.99. HMV doesn’t list any kind of product details for the dvd so I’m assuming it is the standard 2 Disc New Moon Special Edition
  • Future Shop – New Moon (2 Disc Special Edition) for $17.99. Same dvd as the one HMV will be selling I am assuming, and it is a bit cheaper! – New Moon (Future Shop Exclusive Steelbook) for $22.99. This one is a bit more expensive, has same features as the Special Edition, but comes with steel casing.
  • Best Buy – New Moon (2 Disc Special Edition) for $19.99. Once again the standard dvd, but they also have a cool offer for a bit more. – New Moon (Best Buy Exclusive) for $26.99. The Best Buy exclusive includes the dvd, special casing, and an Edward Cullen doll! (lame for some, exciting for others)
  • Chapters – New Moon (2 Disc Special Edition) for $27.00. This is what they list as the online price. I have no idea why it is so much and I’m thinking it’s going to be cheaper in store.. it should be!
  • Walmart – The Canadian site doesn’t list any prices, but they do list the New Moon Ultimate Fan Edition dvd. On the US site this is listed for $24.96 so it will be a similar price in Canada. The Ultimate Fan Edition includes footage from Eclipse.

These are my suggestions for the best places to pick up New Moon on Saturday a.m. (either at midnight if you’re crazy like me, or a more reasonable hour of the day if you’re normal).

Also, a couple of cool details to share with you. The Chapters location in downtown Vancouver is reportedly having a midnight release party with games/quizzes/movie screening/and of course shopping options. Future Shop stores across Canada will also be hosting ‘midnight madness’ New Moon release parties.

Also, Walmart in the States will be opening Twilight kiosks in their stores once New Moon is on sale and you’ll be able to buy tons of merch. I don’t know for sure if this is also happening in Canada Walmart locations, but it may be worth driving over and checking it out sometime on Saturday.

[Photo via fanpop!]

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