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Remember Me Movie Review

Remember Me

Today I saw Remember Me and I have to say that it really surprised me. This was a very good movie, but not in the conventional ways you’d expect. Of course there’s all the hype because it’s Summit and more importantly to the fans, because it’s Rob. Remember Me caught me off guard perhaps because I hadn’t read any reviews or spoilers prior to stepping into the movie theatre. I loved it because it was so understatedly honest, and so momentarily raw. Just when I was waiting for a clich√© or a predictable turn, it went the other way.

Rob plays this guy Tyler who’s struggling with a lot in his life. He’s lost his brother to suicide, he’s straining to keep some semblance of a relationship with his workaholic dad, and he’s not really doing a whole lot with his own future. Tyler quotes Ghandi early on in the film and once again when it comes to a close: “Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it’s very important that you do it.” This sense of insignificance it what Tyler seems to carry around with him during each monotonous day, until he meets Ally.

When Tyler meets Emilie de Ravin’s character Ally, their lives come together in a tangle of unspoken tragedies, mixed up circumstances, and an undeniable bond that turns into love. This is where the whole understated success of the movie happens. Tyler is constantly keeping this inner rage at bay, this anger about his brother’s death and his anger towards his father. Ally on the other hand is open and frank and stubborn in her ways. Having witnessed her mother’s murder first hand you’d expect her to be closed off, absent, and unable to let people in. She surprises us all because it’s her who changes Tyler and shows him that he matters and that he can do something with his life. Tyler on the other hand, seems to show Ally that it’s okay to be angry with circumstance, and that she is allowed to make mistakes in her life. They kind of fix each other by way of their own sorrow.

I don’t want to just summarize the plot, or give away huge details, but I do want to give you a sense of this movie and why I think it is such a big success. There are a few key moments and scenes that make it so good for me. The opening sequence where Ally’s dad arrives on the scene to see his wife has been murdered is one of these moments. You don’t see Ally’s mother’s face, you just see her father looking down at her, and the instant devastation her murder has caused him. Similarly, you don’t see the tragic events that unfold at the end of the movie when it becomes clear that 911 is about to happen. What is shown is the aftermath and the people who remain alive who’ve been affected.¬† I think by slight omission, this movie managed to say a lot more.

Another big success of this movie is the fact that Ally and Tyler are flawed human beings who refuse to apologize for themselves. They are believable together because they are messy people with jumbled up lives. Their imperfect relationship is more real than any storybook romance. Ally and Tyler capture what grief and tragedy mean in their expressions, their limited speech, and their loving actions which do most of the talking for them. While they are both separately struggling with death and difficulties with their own fathers, they come together in a way that is simple and beautiful.

Now prepare for the Twilight fan to start typing here. Rob was amazing in this movie. Everyone wants to typecast him into this brooding vampire role but his talent is so much more than that. In Remember Me you see him transform this character from someone who has let their reckless actions speak for their grief, into someone who decides to make every action count towards a greater good. He loves Ally, he tries to help his sister, and he reaches out to his dad. Although the movie ends in tragedy, it also comes to a close with an uplifting message. Remember Me reminds us to live life like it counts, even when you yourself are having a hard time believing it.

“If you could hear me, I would say that our finger prints don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched.” – Tyler, Remember Me.

* * *

This was my first blog entry and I really hope you’ll come back and read more. I have lots of cool things planned, music posts, set visits, my Twilight cast encounters in Vancouver, reviews, humourous ramblings, and some Kristen-related Runaways posts are on the way! – Amy.

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