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The Runaways T-Shirts For Sale In Vancouver

If you’re a new or recent fan of The Runaways like I am, then you’ve probably been scavenging on the net for Runaways music, anything about The Runaways movie, Cherie Currie‘s new book Neon Angel, and last but not least – Runaways T-shirts. While it may be difficult to come by Runaways clothes worn by Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in the movie, you can get your own Runaways T-shirts elsewhere.

I love that The Runaways movie has given the band new life, and I think it’s awesome that youth and people who didn’t know them get to discover them now for the first time. You may not have grown up listening to The Runaways or picked up a Runaways t-shirt at one of their live gigs, but you can definitely get Runaways apparel elsewhere to enjoy and show support for the band.

I’ve been down to the local Urban Outfitters store on Granville Street in Vancouver and they seem to be selling 2 Runaways t-shirts right now:

The Runaways V-Neck Tee in white – exclusive to Urban Outfitters. It is being sold for $25.00 in Vancouver. This white t-shirt is really similar to the one Kristen Stewart has worn. See above ^

Runaways Tee in red – exclusive to Urban Outfitters. It is being sold for $25.00 in Vancouver, but on the US Urban Outfitters website you can order it for $14.99 USD.

They don’t seem to carry the Joan and Cherie Photo Tee at the Vancouver store, but you can order that one online too from the US UO site. If the Runaways t-shirts from Urban aren’t for you then I would check out vintage stores on Main and Commercial, or better yet, make your own ala Kristen Stewart and her DIY Sex Pistols t-shirt in The Runaways movie 🙂

[Source: Urban Outfitters & PopSugarUK]

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