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Hey all!

This is just a quick post to let you know what goes on here at my Twilight Connection blog and where else you can read my writing. My name is Amy and I am a prospective grad school student for 2011 in the field of Media/Communications. I’m based out of Vancouver and love to get involved in all things “Twilight” here.

I live to write and love to share writing with others. All written content you find on Twilight Connection has been written by me unless otherwise specified or sourced, same goes for photos. My content is Twilight based/related as well as Kristen Stewart focused (because she is amazing).

I followed the filming of New Moon and Eclipse when they were in town but didn’t start up my blog until 2010. Hopefully you can get some Breaking Dawn info here in the fall! In the meantime, I plan to post my set photos from New Moon and Eclipse on here in the near future as well as stories from my trip to Forks, WA.

In preparation for grad school I also do freelance writing for various companies, one of those being Suite101 which you may have heard of. You can find some Twilight and Kristen related content on my Suite 101 page too. I cannot duplicate content that I write for Suite101 on my Twilight Connection blog so the content differs between my blog and Suite.

Thanks everyone so much for all of your support and for reading my blog, tweets, articles, etc. It’s nice to get feedback to become a better writer and it’s awesome to interact with other Twilight fans.

Here’s where you can find Amy:

Twilight Connection – Twilight Blog <– you’re here.

Suite101 – Contributing Writer

Twitter – @theamytweets

Flickr – New Moon and Eclipse Set Photos

IMDB – My article posted on Kristen Stewart and On The Road pages. <– thanks for sharing on there!

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Eclipse Movie Review – Third Time’s A Charm

I’ve been sick the last few days, hence this was not posted mere minutes from getting back from the theatre on Wednesday night! I saw The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on June 30th and it did not disappoint. To me, the biggest triumph for Eclipse was the successful adaptation from book to movie. Eclipse transitioned smoothly off of the pages written by Stephenie Meyer into an engrossing movie with just the right balance of action and romance.

I asked a couple of my friends (non Twilighters) what they thought of Eclipse and all of them were quick to show support for the third Twilight film. Some who had read the book even liked the movie more. There have been lots of interesting reactions to Eclipse as a movie, perhaps because of all the hype and lead-up, but also maybe because this is the point in The Twilight Saga where there is a concrete story to be dealing with. It’s also the point where characters have been developed thoroughly; there’s not much set up going on anymore, just the telling of the story between Edward, Bella, and Jacob. People seem to love Eclipse because as a movie it has it all: concrete plot, good complex characters, a narrative that moves along steadily, and the climactic moments on the mountain where everything is fully realized.

The best thing about Eclipse, for me, was the performance by Kristen Stewart. It seems that with every Twilight movie she progresses into an even stronger portrayal of Bella. Each time is different, and that’s how it should be because Bella grows as a character throughout the Saga. It just felt like Kristen carried this movie – in a good way. Everyone screamed over Rob Pattinson in the first Twilight movie, and girls fawned over Taylor Lautner in New Moon, but Eclipse felt like Kristen’s movie. She really stood apart in this one. I realize that her character is kind of secondary to the love triangle debacle and the whole newborns versus Cullens story, but Kristen really did shine. I felt like every word that came out of her mouth was honest, and that she had worked really hard to make this representation of Bella’s situation as real as it could be. I’m sure Kristen fans everywhere would agree that she really stepped up for this one.

Other great things of note in Eclipse would be the dynamic cinematography. I loved the close-up shots of Edward, Bella, Jacob, Rosalie, Victoria, and Xavier. The experience of watching a movie seems to become much more personal when you are brought so close to the characters – literally. Every emotion is highlighted, and every line that a character speaks seems to have some greater significance. This kind of close-up shot worked well for the scene where Rosalie told her tale to Bella, and explained her reasons for wishing to have stayed human – a defining moment in the book.

Character wise, I loved Xavier Samuel‘s performance. He really brought something extra special to Eclipse and it was a richer movie with his addition. The relationship between him and Victoria set up the opening for the movie, and continued to feel real throughout the rest of the film. He enhanced some of the nuances from Eclipse the book that might not have translated into the movie otherwise. An example of this would be how Riley is so infatuated with Victoria that he cannot see that she is simply using him for her own endgame against Bella and the Cullens.

The action and fight scenes were another success. The fighting looked real, and it was clear that everyone had trained hard for these scenes. The moments where the Cullens are running through the trees with the wolves in pursuit of Victoria were some of the coolest to watch due to the dizzying speed and pumping music. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the scenes between Edward and Bella felt real and honest because they proceeded with a natural pace, and the conversation wasn’t stilted. It felt like going about your day and momentarily seeing a couple together – like we were getting a glimpse into their lives, no acting and rehearsing involved. Who knows what that really means, I’m just saying it’s a testament to the natural chemistry that Rob and Kristen have going on.

I guess a review is never really a review unless you point out some things that could have been improved upon. For me, there are a few things that could have been better, but they don’t come close to overshadowing the many successes of Eclipse. Seemingly minor things like Bella’s disastrous wig actually become quite noticeable throughout the film. I’m so happy Kristen will be filming with her own natural hair for Breaking Dawn this fall! Continuity wise, I find it hard to get used to seeing another actor playing a role we have become accustomed to. Bryce Dallas Howard gave a solid performance as Victoria, but it just feels weird seeing a different actor playing such a vital character to the storyline. The last thing I would fix up would be the soundtrack placement throughout Eclipse. There were so many amazing and evocative songs on that soundtrack and I feel like they were wasted on some insignificant moments. Key scenes between Edward and Bella, and Bella and Jacob could have had much more weight with the addition of some of those amazing songs.

Like I said, these are small, seemingly trivial things to nitpick at when considering the movie as a whole.  I feel like a movie is really a success when nothing feels contrived. In Eclipse, every moment of dialogue felt genuine, the action looked real, and the characters interacted fluidly. These are three pretty important things to achieve when you’re working with such a fictional storyline – and the Eclipse team managed to pull it off with ease and grace.

Here’s to a great addition to The Twilight Saga films, and to what I hope will be an amazing adaptation of Breaking Dawn to come!

Amy’s Top 5 Fave Scenes From Eclipse:

1. Edward and Bella bedroom scene: raw emotion, honest portrayal, and undeniable chemistry between Rob and Kristen. Why did it have to end!

2. Jacob and Bella mountain scene: powerful and affecting, a critical moment in the storyline, and it felt real.

3. Bella visits Renee scene: so emotional, sets up story, again – it felt so genuine I actually got kind of choked up.

4. Xavier’s opening scene: such a great way to start the movie, dark and edgy, and set the tone for the movie.

5. Wolf pack and good vamps vs. Victoria and newborns scenes: action really came to the forefront, exhilarating to watch, and visually dynamic.

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My Twilight Bookshelf: Shiver By Maggie Stiefvater & Shiver The Movie

I just finished reading a book called Shiver written by Maggie Stiefvater and couldn’t wait to share it with fellow Twilight fans! This is the second post for My Twilight Bookshelf which will be a series of posts containing book recs for Twilight fans looking for something new to read.

Shiver tells the story of Grace, a teenage girl struggling with her identity, family, and love. She lives in a wooded area of Minnesota and feels an unexplainable connection to the wolves that populate the surrounding forests and woodlands in her town. Grace connects with one wolf in particular and the story of Shiver unwinds from that point onwards. Grace meets Sam and the two quickly connect and form a bond that is unshakable. They embark on a difficult relationship due to his double existence as both a human boy and a wolf who belongs in the woods. The story of Shiver is told from altering perspectives as the narration swaps between Grace and Sam throughout the novel’s chapters. We see what it’s like for each of them to love the other.

Twilight fans will love Shiver because it is written with the same ease and conversational tone that Stephenie Meyer wrote with in The Twilight Saga. You don’t feel like the story is being told to you, you feel like you are right there with Grace in the snow-covered backyard of her family’s home – watching the wolves and wondering about her connection to them. The language is simply beautiful and resonates with the honesty of the story being told. I can’t think of another way to describe this book other than – beautiful.

Still looking for a reason to read Shiver? Grace, the female heroine of the book, is a lot like Bella. I always try to picture the characters when I’m reading (as most of us tend to do) and I kept coming back to a visual of Kristen Stewart as Bella. This isn’t to say that I think the characters are drastically similar, but there are similarities there. On a physical level, Grace is a petite blonde, but she also exudes this casual style – like she isn’t bothered with how she looks or dressing girly. As lead female characters, Grace and Bella both fight for what they believe in, especially for their loved ones. Bella and Grace both possess a striking bravery and fearlessness in the face of consequence. Many Twilight fans like or identify with the Bella character, and I think they can do the same with Grace in Shiver.

On a final note, the movie rights to Shiver have been bought, and the book will in fact be making its way to the big screen in 2011. Fan favourites for the role of Grace so far are Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, and none other than Kristen Stewart. Here is an excerpt from that talks about the Shiver movie:

Unique Features has acquired screen rights to “Shiver,” a bestselling supernatural romance novel by Maggie Stiefvater that is the first of a three-book series.
Pic will be produced by Unique Features partners Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne.

Book covers a bittersweet paranormal romance between a teen who becomes a wolf each winter and his girlfriend, who helps him find the secret to staying human. The first installment was published by Scholastic Press in August and has been on the bestseller lists for six weeks. The sequel novel, “Linger,” will be published next August. Unique acquired all three books in the series.

[Quote via | Video via LilyPokerFace]

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My Twilight Bookshelf: Books For Twilight Fans

We’ve all read the The Twilight Saga multiple times (let’s face it), and many of us can’t bear to favour another book over our beloved Twilight, but there are some great books out there for Twilight fans to enjoy. My bookshelf contains some awesome finds that have been recommended or that I stumbled upon that I think Twilight fans would love to read. Come on, you know Breaking Dawn just doesn’t seem to hold up on the 12th reading – so try some of these:

1. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Brief Summary: Futuristic setting in which each “district” selects contestants for the annual “Hunger Games” competition. Contestants literally have to fight to the death for the right to live their life. Katniss Everdeen, the main character, competes with Peta Mellark from her district and the two form a bond during the competition.

Why Twilight Fans Will Love It: Katniss Everdeen is the heroine and while different to Bella, you can instantly picture Kristen Stewart playing this role. The rights to the movie have recently been bought – so who knows what will happen there. This is an action-packed novel that will instantly grab you. The sequel, Catching Fire, is even better.

2. The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones – Cassandra Clare

Brief Summary: 16-year-old Clary Fray lives in urban New York and discovers the world of demons and shadowhunters. She’s more tangled up in their world that she thinks, and meets Jayce Wayland who changes everything.

Why Twilight Fans Will Love It: The whole intrigue of the Edward and Bella relationship from Twilight is present in this book. It isn’t hokey at all and really creates a visual story that you can delve into. There’s so much going on in this fast-paced novel that you won’t be able to put it down.

3. House Of Night: Marked – P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Brief Summary: Zoey Redbird discovers that she is a vampire and must attend a special school called the House of Night. She has to leave behind everything she knows and enter a new life. Zoey lives at the school and meets tons of other fledgling vampires, but she turns out to be a little bit different from her peers.

Why Twilight Fans Will Love It: For the most obvious reason, the subject matter – vampires. It’s written for young adults and teens but I’d say anyone can enjoy it. Zoey is a very likeable character and the honesty that comes with her voice makes the world she becomes a part of more believable.


There are so many other books for Twilight fans to suggest, but 3 at a time seems like enough to be working with. If you’re looking for books that portray a similar kind of relationship that Stephenie Meyer crafted between Edward and Bella in Twilight, then try books by Nicholas Sparks and Sarah Dessen.

Still looking for something to read? Try this website. I’ve found amazing reads on this page and it offers up a lot of choices whether you want something Twilight related or not:

What Should I Read

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New Eclipse Book Covers Featuring Kristen Stewart

A couple of new Eclipse book covers have been popping up online in the last couple of days. This has been done with Twilight and New Moon which featured movie poster images of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner on the covers.

I guess it’s a pretty effective way to sell more books, especially for fans who started liking Twilight from the movies. There’s also the fact that some of us Twilight fans are crazy enough to buy multiple copies and covers of each book because it just feels necessary 🙂

Anyway, here is the first new Eclipse book cover featuring RPattz, KStew front and centre, and TLauts:

There’s another new Eclipse movie book cover that just features a closeup of Kristen Stewart. They seem to have gone for the book cover style popularized with The Vampire Diaries series by LJ Smith. Check out KStew on the new Eclipse book cover below, followed by a book cover from The Vampire Diaries. Very similar, no? 😉

KStew as Bella in Eclipse ^

Elena from The Vampire Diaries ^

These new Twilight movie themed book covers for Eclipse should be popping up in stores soon, and will most likely be in paperback format. With the release of the Eclipse movie on June 30th looming closer every day, it’s likely that new Twilight fans will flock to local bookstores to purchase a revamped copy of Eclipse.

[Source: Gather]

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